Hedgehogs Hide

This project started off as a live third year illustration university brief. The author of this early childhood reading book, Kathleen Ferrier, chose my work to be published. You can find all of her books, including Hedgehogs Hide, here. I created these illustrations using drypoint printmaking in blue ink, and hand coloured some elements using watercolour. 

Last spread: The author requested this as an extra illustration a couple of years after I had completed the job. This final spread was photoshopped together using my previous illustrations as I no longer had access to a printing press. 

Text has since been added by Kathy's graphic designer, please see the book text below:

Spread 1: "1 2 3 hedgehogs play"
Spread 2: "4 5 6 hedgehog runs away"
Spread 3: "7 8 hedgehog curls up"
Spread 4: "9 ...10. ready or not here I come. hedgehog rolls and rolls"
Spread 5: No text
Spread 6: "i found you"
Spread 7: "hedgehogs hide"
Spread 8: "hedgehogs sleep"

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